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Legal Advice

Specialist lawyers and legal advice services for individuals and institutions.

Litigation and File Tracking

And monitoring procedures of case files in all provinces of Turkey.

Experienced Lawyer Staff

And file lawsuits followed in all provinces of Turkey is işlemleri.bah Law Firm is comprised of experienced lawyers ..

About Us

Bahadir Law Firm was founded in Istanbul in 2019 We possess legal knowledge and experience with domestic and international clients. We work with the core values of providing quality service and client  atisfaction. Our office offers consultancy and litigation services with expert lawyers in the field. Our office’s founding partners areCelal Bahadir and Necati Bahadir, graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law . Bahadir Law Firm attorneys are extremely qualified litigation attorneys and provides a broad range of services in diverse areas of law, including Inheritance Law , Family Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Trademark Law , Contract Law, Tort Law, Immigration Law , Administrative and Tax Law, Consumer Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Criminal Law , Execution and Bankruptcy Law. Our office is also specialized in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration. Since its inception, our work is guided by ethical principles and the interests of our clients are always our main priority.

Accessible Legal Service

Bahadır Law Office is available at any time of the day for its current and potential clients.
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Innovative and Expert Staff

Our office is promising with its innovation and energy, with its self-confidence and potential.
adopts the principle of being good at all times and conditions.

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Practice Areas


Criminal law

You can get information from our lawyers who are experts in criminal law.

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Company Law

Our experienced lawyers provide legal support for companies and companies.

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Commercial Law

We provide solutions in areas such as commercial litigation, commercial property, consumer law.

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Public Law

We are active in the field of public law, especially in administrative and tax law.

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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Execution and Bankruptcy Law Our lawyers who are experts in the fields of Execution Law and Bankruptcy Law respond to your legal needs.

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Business law

Severance pay, return cases, labor law receivables, trade union law, occupational diseases, individual and collective labor agreements.

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